Chapter 8: Fixing or Fastening Rods to Wire

Single knot tying to slab methods

1. Select the proper annealed steel wire to tie rebar.

2. Prepare the area where the slab is to be made

3. Place the rebars in one-way or two-way slab formation as required

4. Wrap the wire around the joint (where two rebars intersects) from any of the four sides.

5. Make sure two rebars are in contact.

6. Bring the both ends of tying wire straight and push both ends in opposite direction

7. Twist the wire couple of turns using pliers for effective ties

8. Snap the wire or cut the wire fr| om the long end of the wire.

9. Twist both ends of wire downward.
Image showing Single knot

Double knot tying to slab methods

This tie is a variation of the simple tie. It is especially favored for heavy work

Image showing Double knot


Not complete

Tying to beam methods


Not complete

Tying to column methods

Colum is the vertical support which is free from all sides which takes the load of beam or slab and transfers the load to the ground. Column can be known as the skeleton of a pillar. It is constructed using steel bars and concrete.

The process of tying to the column are given below:

1. Measure the length of column you required and cut the rod with same length in four pieces.

2. Also, cut two pieces of strong bar with length greater than twice the size of column’s breadth.

3. Select a leveled surface and place four stands of equal length in the ground as if they form two parallel lines of length slightly less than the column.

4. Place small bars on top of stands and tie them as shown in figure.

5. Now, prepare the rectangularly bended ties or stirrups as shown in figure.

6. Place a single long rod on top of stands on one side.

7. Insert the required number of ties into that rod.

8. Then, insert another long rod through the ties and place above the small rods supported by stands. Ensure that both rods have same length outside the support rods kept in stands.

9. Mark the position where ties to be placed in one of the rods.

10. Once ties are arranged in their proper placed, knot both the ties and rod with different tying methods as required as shown in figure.

11. Again, insert third rod through all the ties and make sure it hangs freely only on aid of ties positioning exactly below the long rod above. Tie this rod in the corner of ties in all positions.

12. Repeat same process for the fourth rod and column structure is prepared as shown in figure.
Image showing tying to column methods
Image showing stirrups

Checking tightness of stirrups to main bar loops


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Making stirrups or rings

Stirrups are the structures made from steel pipes in different shapes of polygons or circles to wrap around top and bottom bars of beams and columns. It helps to prevent columns and beams from buckling.

The process of making stirrups or rings are as follows:

Image showing stirups
Image showing Beam with stirups

What’s next?

This will be the end of our journery. To dive deep in the plumbing field there are lots of resouces available…